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2013-05-31 11:26 GANGER CNC trade performance of contrarian growth

2013-05-31 11:26GANGER CNC trade performance of contrarian growth

Since last year, the global economic environment is more severe, especially in the euro zone country’s economic downturn has made China’s machinery exports facing severe challenges, the good news is Jinan River Trade in such grim circumstances, to achieve a total export volume and the number of orders significantly faster growth.
Unfavorable economic situation facing the situation, Jinan River NC through reverse thinking recognizes the international market malaise but it is precisely a good development opportunities, economic difficulties forced many foreign buyers through more simple, direct and efficient way to find the new engraving machine manufacturers, and Jinan River Cnc Engraving Machine highly cost-effective products to attract customers from many countries come again and again, and visited us.
Also Jinan River Trade Fair and other help to actively participate in international expansion and visibility of the variety show, so that more foreign businessmen awareness and understanding of Jinan River CNC engraving machine, it is also the feedback information through the show, let us keen grasp of market dynamics, according to the international situation changes, this year’s international focus on India, Egypt and other Arab countries, and to develop more suitable for these target customers use products.
Jinan has independent import and export rights is one of the major rivers of CNC advantage in many domestic engraving machine manufacturers, the real strength of the manufacturers are not many, but with independent import and export rights of the manufacturers and even fewer that advantages both in qualification strength, delivery speed, product quality, customer choice Jinan River gave more reasons NC.

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