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2013-09-24 11:23 The rapid development of CNC machinery industry

2013-09-24 11:23The rapid development of CNC machinery industry

After years of development, Cnc Engraving Machine has been in stone carving, wood carved furniture, architectural sculpture, Mold engraving advertising industry has been widely used in different industrial users have different needs engraving machine, engraving machine manufacturers followed the direction of sculpture production industry , constantly updated engraving equipment, with the engraving industry, the market for engraving machine manufacturers put forward higher requirements.

CNC machinery industry has experienced 30 years of ups and downs of development, has now matured from growth and into the world high-speed CNC equipment and precision CNC machinery producing country in the ranks, it can be said numerical control devices have become the mainstream of modern machinery manufacturing equipment, has become a hot commodity in the market, but also increasingly supported by government policies. Market demand is constantly increasing, while the previous engraving technology can not meet the needs of the times, so the market need a group of high-end CNC equipment, which directly led to the rapid development of numerical control equipment industry. Jinan River NC is the country’s leading suppliers of CNC equipment leader, as the industry’s leading, most influential, the scale of the front of the CNC (CNC) equipment production enterprises, covering five-axis machines, four-axis machine, woodworking engraving machine , stone engraving machine, advertising engraving machine and other products, product quality, reliable, cost-effective, the majority of users trust and love.

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