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5L Bucket mould maker

Sino Mould Co.,Ltd is specialized in manufacture plastic injection mould, we have made containers in 4cavities up to 6cavities before, sized from 200g , 400ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1L and 2L thinwall package box. And containers up from 0.5L up to 20L bucket.

For 5 litre bucket mould we select S136,2316,H13, high hardness steel material for core/cavity inserts.HRC>45.
Ejection way:gas blowing
Advanced high precise machine tooling control the product dimension in the range of the tolerance,avoid off the centre problem.
We have complete solution for containers drop test,leakage test. Eventually hand you a perfect mould.
We could also supply containers with IML system, but you need to tell me your requirement before design.
For more information pls contact with me.

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