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9 tips for inspection of car tires


Are your car tires good? Do you pay attention to checking frequently? Don’t forget that the condition of car tires is very important. It matters a lot if something goes wrong.

The four wheels of a car. Including spare tire. Be sure to check regularly every month. When checking. At the same time, observe whether there are cracks or scratches on the tire surface. *Fortunately, put on gloves and stretch to the inside of the tire to check for suspicious marks. As long as you find the slightest suspicious point, you must immediately ask the car dealer for a detailed inspection. Don’t be reluctant to throw defective tires. If it is found that the tire surface is abnormally worn, it should be thought that there may be a problem with the toe adjustment of the wheel, and it should be repaired.

1. Causes of outer edge wear

If you look in the direction of travel, there is a lot of wear on the outer edge of the tire, indicating that the tire is often under-inflated, that is, the pressure is not enough.

Solution Check the tire pressure several times. If possible, inflate according to the “highway” standard, that is, add 30,000 Pa more than the normal standard. Furthermore, most people think that since under-inflated tires are good for driving on snow and sand, it can also be the case on wet ground. It should be noted that under-inflated tires are not conducive to driving in rainy weather, and the grip will be significantly weakened.

2, the cause of convex and corrugated wear

If it is found that the two sides of the tire landing part are convexly worn, and the periphery of the tire is also corrugated, it means that the shock absorbers, bearings and spherical couplings of the car are seriously worn.

Solution Because of the high cost of replacing new tires, it is recommended that you change the tires before. First check the wear of the suspension system and replace the worn parts. Otherwise, even changing the tires will not help.

3. Reasons for uniform surface wear

Even tire wear is normal. Each of its ministries will have corresponding performance. Once the pattern has been ground dry. It shows that the life of the tire is over. It must be replaced. In addition, the pattern has the effect of removing water from the road area, so it is an important part of maintaining the car’s grip.

Solution Do not make your own tire pattern. If the wear has reached the standard depth of the tire tread (usually 2 mm for tires with a width of 1.6 mm and greater than 175 mm), they must be replaced. Of course, there will be differences in the degree of wear. But be aware. The difference in wear of different tires on the same axle must not exceed 5 mm.

4. Causes of “dark injuries” in tires

After the vehicle collides with a hard object (for example, it hits the edge of the sidewalk). Or after driving in a flat tire state, the rubber layer of the tire will be severely scratched, which affects the degree of sealing.

The solution is in this case. The tires will leak and rupture. If the wound is small, it can of course be repaired for emergencies, but if you want to travel a long distance, you must replace it immediately.

5. Causes of wear of the center part

If you find that the center area of ​​the tire’s land area is severely worn, it means that the tire is often over-inflated. This is not conducive to the maintenance of the tires, but accelerates the wear of the tires.

Solution First of all, be sure to check the accuracy of the pressure gauge and adjust the pressure. Notice. Only when driving at high speed or with heavy load. It is necessary to over-inflate the tires, which is not necessary under normal conditions.

6. ​​Causes of tire side cracks

mostly due to poor maintenance. Or driving on gravel roads and construction sites, so that hard objects contact the tires, causing damage to the inner layer of the tires under heavy pressure.

The solution requires immediate action, such as the repair cost is not too expensive. It is better to repair, otherwise the tires must be replaced. Although new technology is applied to the current tires, they are also more delicate and need to be properly maintained.

7. Reasons for tire blistering

Bubbling appears on the side of the tire. This is because there are cracks in the inner layer of the tire, which cause the gas to reach the surface through the cracks, which will eventually cause the tire to “fire”.

Solution Don’t think that you can fix the problem, and patching on the rubber does not last forever. Especially for long-distance driving, it is best to replace the tires in time.

8. Causes of wear on the inner side of the tire

The inner side of the tire is worn, and the outer edge of the tire is burr-like. It is common to see that the suspension system of some old cars is poor, causing the entire body to sink deeply. This indicates that the tire deformation and the symmetry of the two tires have been affected.

Solution if conditions are available. *It is good to replace all the accessories such as shock absorber and spherical coupling. But if the cost is too high, you can consider asking a professional repairman to adjust the angle of the front axle and the tires.

9. Reasons for local tire wear

If there is only a large area of ​​wear on the tire surface, it means that the wheel is pinched during emergency braking. If there are two pieces of the same wear on the front and rear wheels, it means that there is a problem with the drum brake.

Solution In this case, the tires must be replaced anyway. In order to cope with urgent needs, of course, the old tires can be temporarily replaced to the rear wheels to ensure safety.

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