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A material with higher strength and hardness than M400, nickel alloy K500

A material with higher strength and hardness than M400, nickel alloy K500



Nickel alloy K500 alloy has excellent corrosion resistance and also has higher strength and hardness than alloy 400. This is due to the presence of diffuse intermetallic compounds in the matrix after certain heat treatment by adding elements such as Al and Ti to the alloy. The tissue structure is a single-phase austenite organization and precipitation by diffuse Ni3 (Al, Ti) precipitation phase.


Alloy K500 has approximately three times the yield strength and twice the tensile strength of alloy 400, and higher mechanical properties can be obtained by cold working or age hardening. k500 alloy has the same corrosion resistance and long-term organizational stability as alloy 400.


N05500 product use.


Used in the manufacture of turbine blades and gas turbine blades on aircraft engines with operating temperatures below 750°C; used in the manufacture of fasteners and springs on ships; pump and valve parts on chemical equipment; scraping blades on paper making equipment; used in pump shafts and impellers, conveyor scrapers, oil well drilling rings, elastic parts, valve gaskets, etc.


Other can also manufacture a variety of heat transfer equipment, boiler feedwater heaters, petroleum and chemical pipelines, vessels, towers, tanks, valves, pumps, reactors, shafts, etc. Due to the low corrosion rate in flowing seawater and the high strength of this alloy, alloy K500 is suitable for manufacturing centrifugal pump shafts that are resistant to seawater corrosion. Suitable for static and flowing seawater.


What N05500 products China can make.


N05500 seamless pipe, N05500 steel plate, N05500 round bar, N05500 forging, N05500 flange, N05500 ring, N05500 welded pipe, N05500 steel strip, N05500 straight bar, N05500 wire and supporting welding material, N05500 round cake, N05500 flat steel, N05500 hexagonal bar, N05500 small and large head, N05500 elbow, N05500 tee, N05500 machined parts, N05500 bolts and nuts, N05500 fasteners.



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