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Advantages Of Silicone Kitchenware

As we all know, consciousness of "green" & environmental friendly nowadays have gradually become a trend. And eco-friendly silicone products are becoming more and more customer's choice.Under this trend, silicone are widely used  in industry, including kitchenware kitchen supplies industry.What are advantages of silicone kitchenware?Silicone material is a new type of material for kitchen utensils which is features in reusable, eco-friendly, non-toxic, soft, flexible, stick resistant, waterptoof, extrem environment resistant, microwave-safe and easy to clean ans more.Silicone rubber can be used to manufacture heat resistant baking cake pans & oven mats, low temperature safe soft ice molds, bright colors kitchenware utensils and so on.Heat resistant. Silicone is a kind of inert material resistant to high and low temperature. It can be used between -40 and 230 degrees. In this temperature range, unlike plastics and Melamine, silicone kitchen utensils will not leach toxic substance when they are being heated.Microwave safe and dishwasher safe. Silicone does not absorb microwave. And because of that, silicone maaterial kitchen use products can not only be used in oven but also microwave. In addition, due to the waterproof and heat resistant features of silicone kitchenware are, Free your hand and clean oil & mess in dishwasher.Easy to clean. Silicone kitchen utensils are easy to clean.  You can clean silicone kitchen tools well through soap & water easily.Bright Colors. Colored silicone products are very common, including silicone kitchenware. Any Pantone colors silicne roducts are available.

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