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Aluminum alloy hand board processing technology and requirements

The aluminum alloy handle is commonly used for proofing. Many companies will find some professional hand-held proofing factories to verify the feasibility and rationality of product design when developing new products, and better shorten the product development time. To reduce the risk and loss of the product when it is opened, how can we make a good hand? First of all, we must choose a reasonable material to choose the most suitable one in terms of the characteristics and hardness of the material. Then we must have excellent equipment. Because the accuracy requirement is higher when the hand is used for proofing, the equipment must be excellent. It is reasonable to give the amount of the knife to be considered. The position of the machining will not be used. The NC operator must ensure that everything is normal during the machining process.
The tool of Zhongguang Jingguang must use the calibration meter to correct the clamping of the workpiece. It must be considered thoughtfully. It must be clamped to ensure that the product will not move during the processing. When the product is finished, the speed must be adjusted to Reasonable because the most important thing about the smoothness of a product is the effect of the few polished knives that look at the overall surface of the light. The balance of the Zhongguang knife can not be too much, otherwise it may cause the unreasonable amount of the fine knife to cause the smoothness of the product to be not so good. When the product is going up and down, please pay attention to the side of the scraper or the product. More attention should be paid to the knife. Then the precision tolerance should be well controlled and ensure that each fine hole is in the tolerance range. As long as all the process rings are closed, the product is excellent.
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