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Analyze the development and operation of precision molds

Recently, Daijie Hanjin (Cangzhou) Precision Mould Co., Ltd. held an opening ceremony in the Industrial Park of Huanghua City, Hebei Province, and it was officially put into operation. The company is jointly built by the manufacturing department of Suzhou Hanjin Technology Trading Co., Ltd. and Daijie Industry Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 54 million yuan, mainly engaged in the production and sales of cold forging die products for the production of auto parts.

General Manager Dr. Wang Xin delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. First of all, he extended a warm welcome to the guests who participated in the ceremony, and gave a detailed introduction to the Daijie Hanjin (Cangzhou) precision mold project. In his speech, he pointed out that with the globalization of automobile production The process is further deepened, and high-performance and low-cost cold forged parts from Japanese automakers and related parts manufacturers have also begun to gradually enter the Chinese market. At the same time, the demand for similar parts from domestic automakers in China has also expanded dramatically, and as a result, the demand for precision carbide molds for the production of high-performance parts in large quantities at low cost is gradually expanding. As a relatively developed country in the automobile industry, Japan has studied and mastered the manufacturing technology of cold forging dies as early as 40 years ago, and has been widely used in the automobile industry. Introduction and exchange have become a new trend, which has also become the original intention of the development of Daijie Hanjin (Cangzhou) precision mold project.

Since its establishment in 1938, Daijie Industrial Co., Ltd. has been a professional cemented carbide manufacturer from raw material powder to finished product output. The main products include various cemented carbides, ceramics, cermets, cubic boron nitride (CBN), poly Crystal diamond (PCD) and other materials, as well as various cutting tools of these materials, carbide molds, special wear-resistant products, etc., have won the respect of the market with high-quality products and exquisite art. Huanghua Taichang Hardware Products Co., Ltd. has a long-term experience in the production of hot forging die products. Its leader, Dr. Wang Xin, is a specially-appointed expert in the national “Thousand Talents Program”. The integration of the Chinese market and improving the core competitiveness of Chinese forging dies are regarded as an important goal of enterprise development. Therefore, as a Sino-Japanese cooperation project, the completion and commissioning of the Daijie Hanjin project marks that my country’s cold forging die manufacturing has entered a high-precision, The new stage of high quality will help to further optimize the product structure, extend the industrial chain, improve the industrial level, and finally achieve a win-win situation for both Chinese and Japanese investors.

It is understood that the entire project covers an area of ​​50 acres, and the development plan will be carried out in three phases: the first phase will introduce top Japanese processing equipment, cultivate the team, and carry out the production of early export products; the second phase will improve equipment and production capacity, Enhance the competitiveness of products in the domestic market, and conduct comprehensive development and cultivation of the domestic market; in the third phase, in the next 3-5 years, the project will be completed, with an annual output of 80,000 sets of molds and an annual output value of 320 million yuan The world’s leading manufacturer of precision cold forging dies for the automotive industry.

Regarding the development and operation of Daijie Hanjin (Cangzhou) precision molds, Dr. Wang Xin said: “For the current development, our goal is to build a first-class enterprise. The core value concept of integrity and progress, the introduction of advanced mold manufacturing technology and the use of advanced management experience, from the hardware production technology and software staff quality, corporate culture, the only way to achieve the progress of the enterprise.”

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