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Application example of titanium plate in ship equipment parts

The application of titanium plate in ship industry mainly makes use of its excellent corrosion resistance, low density, memory, non-magnetic and so on. Titanium and titanium alloy are widely used in nuclear submarine, deep submersible, atomic icebreaker, hydrofoil, hovercraft, mine clearance boat, propeller propeller, whip-like antenna, seawater pipeline, condenser, heat exchanger, acoustic device, fire equipment and so on. The main titanium alloys used are: industrial pure titanium, ti-sarv, ti-6a1-4velkti-6nb-ta-0.8 Mo, ti-3ai-2.5v, ti-3b (ti-4a1-2v), nt-7m (ti-2al-2.5zr).


(1) Propeller. Propeller materials require high strength, good fatigue performance in seawater, erosion resistance and cavitation corrosion. Titanium alloy can meet the above comprehensive performance requirements. The navy first used a 1500mm diameter four-bladed detachable supercavitation titanium propeller on a hydrofoil boat. China developed hydrofoil propeller in 1972. Up to now, various titanium alloy propellers with diameters of 450-1700mm have been produced, and M can produce fixed titanium alloy propellers with diameters of 1200mm and masses of 130kg. Long-term use shows that the service life of titanium alloy propeller is more than 5 times that of copper alloy propeller.


2) Marine pump, valve and piping. The ship's pumps, valves and pipes, due to the very bad working conditions, the use of copper, stainless steel pipe manufacturing only 2-5 years of life, after the replacement of titanium alloy effect is good, suitable for the high velocity of moving seawater pipeline. The service life standard of ship piping in Russia stipulates three requirements, namely, the first time into the dock for maintenance is 8-9 years; Service life shall not be less than 15 years; Full life requires all classes of ships to operate reliably over a period of 25-30 years.


(3) All-titanium ship. F1 has good practical experience in making titanium boats. In the 1990s, all titanium fishing boats or speedboats were built by dongbang titanium co., LTD., nisheng industrial co., LTD., tengxin shipbuilding house, and jiangteng shipbuilding house. The advantages of an all-titanium ship are light weight, fast speed, small engine, low fuel cost, low carbon dioxide emission, no need for surface coating, easy cleaning of attachments, etc. The disadvantages are high material cost, difficult processing and manufacturing technology, and strict protection requirements. The test results show that the ship speed stability, vibration and noise are very good.


(4) Atomic powered ships. Russia USES titanium alloy instead of stainless steel to make steam engines, heat exchangers and coolers for ships. Overcome corrosion damage. Russia's existing atomic icebreakers are powered by titanium steam engines. Using titanium alloy can extend the service life of its engine by more than 10 times.

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