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Application of retarder in automobile braking


In the actual assembly process of tapered roller bearings, in order to ensure that the bearing clearance is within the design range as much as possible, it is necessary for the assembler to repeatedly disassemble and assemble, and adjust to the ideal bearing clearance by adding and subtracting adjustment shims. In this way, the efficiency is not high and the production capacity is affected. There will be differences in the feel of each assembler. The same assembler will have different mental states and feel at different times.

This kind of pinion adopts a reducer supported by two tapered roller bearings, which brings space limitations to the arrangement of the retarder in the whole vehicle. With the acceleration of people’s life rhythm, the speed of city buses has also increased correspondingly, and the problem of frequent braking of the car and the heating of the brake drum has become prominent. Therefore, most of the current city buses require the installation of a retarder to share part of the braking force. If a rear-mounted engine is used, the distance from the engine output end to the input end flange of the drive rear axle is short, and the length of the drive shaft is not enough, which easily causes the transmission angle to be too large, which is not conducive to transmission.

On this basis, if you install a retarder, the space is very small, and it can’t even be arranged. Therefore, the current vehicle chassis layout requires the distance between the input flange of the drive rear axle and the center of the axle housing to be shortened as much as possible.

After the whole vehicle is equipped with a retarder, the axial force on the pinion of the drive axle reducer will increase. It is required to increase the axial bearing capacity of the bearing, and at the same time it is required that the radial bearing capacity of the bearing and the center distance of the bearing cannot be reduced. Therefore, it is required to adopt double-row tapered roller bearings. The width of the double-row bearing is designed to increase, and the taper angle of the tapered roller bearing is increased.

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