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Application of titanium bars and titanium materials in the field of information technology

Titanium bars and titanium alloys are an important part of modern materials in the energy, information technology and materials of the three pillars of contemporary civilization. They have a close relationship with energy and information technology. They are the national economy, the daily life of the people and the defense industry, science and technology. Development of indispensable basic materials and important strategic materials. Agriculture, civil industry, basic industry, national defense industry, and high-tech industries cannot be separated from titanium and titanium alloys.

Agriculture. Pesticides, agricultural rare-earth trace fertilizers, agricultural tractors, diesel engines, irrigation and drainage equipment all consume a large amount of titanium rods and their compounds or alloys in the preparation or manufacture.

Civil industry. Titanium and titanium alloys are needed for toothpaste cartridges, door locks, keys, cookers, lamps, bicycles, household appliances, air conditioners, and cans and flexible packaging that have developed rapidly in recent years. Demand is rising sharply.

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