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What is the component group of the linear motor drive device of the high-speed machining center

Nowadays, many high-speed machining centers use linear motors to drive linear three-axes. The way high-speed machining centers use servo motors + rolling screws to drive linear three-axes has gradually decreased. At present, most high-speed machining centers have adopted linear The motor drives the linear three-axis, and the linear motor directly drives the linear three-axis, which […]

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how the gate of plastic mold works

The gates of Plastic mold is usually a method or orifice linking the runner to the cavity. It features a little cross-sectional region while it is in contrast to the remainder of the feed method. This little cross-sectional region is required in order that: The entrance freezes right after the cavity is filled in order […]

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Regeneration Of Silicone Oil

The chemical properties of silicone oil are relatively warm, but it will also deteriorate after long-term use due to oxidation and foreign impurities. Due to the high price of silicone oil, it should be recycled and regenerated separately. Waste silicone oil is usually regenerated by two methods. The waste silicone oil in electrical equipment is […]

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Can Silicone Gloves Wash Dishes Well?

In daily cleaning or washing dishes, you need to do it yourself in many places. When cleaning or washing dishes, you need to use detergent or detergent. These things are harmful to human skin and are unprofitable. If you soak in water for a long time, the skin on your hands will become worse and […]

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Internal stress and warping

Internal stress and warping When thick sections are moulded,rapid changes in temperature can cause thermally induced stresses due to differential expansion. If surface layers cool faster than the interior through poor conduction, the contraction of the surface will be greater than the interior thereby setting up stresses which can lead to warping and even failure […]


The king of chips is born? Better than Qualcomm, better than Intel?

In the era of PC Internet, everyone calls Intel the king of chips. After all, Intel’s CPU is unmatched, and the X86 architecture monopolizes the entire CPU market. AMD is only living in the shadow of Intel. In the era of mobile Internet, everyone called Qualcomm the king of chips, because Qualcomm’s chips have always […]

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Euro PM2008 to Offer Focused Workshops

Delegates attending this year’s Euro PM Congress & Exhibition, Euro PM2008, which takes place September 29 through October 1 at the Rosengarten Congress Centre in Mannheim, Germany, will be able to participate in focused workshops on hard materials (cermets, ceramics, and superhard materials, the quality of metal-injection-moulded (MIM) products, and advances and future challenges in […]

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Silicone rubber is an ideal materia for many industries.

    As we all known that silicone rubber is a very important material applied in many different sectors, such as agriculture and dairy industry, food and drink industry, medical and surgery industry, and so on…       Now, let me see the properties of silicone rubber products as follows:1,silicone rubber with high and low temperature […]

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A Stamping Die Integrated With Small Hole Punching Technology

In order to ensure product quality and production efficiency, it is necessary to optimize the product structure and redesign the mold structure, and ensure the accuracy of processing and assembly and parts, in order to achieve the goals of product quality and quantity and reducing manufacturing costs. 1 Description of integrated small hole punching die […]

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Carbon Fiber And Aluminum Alloy Performance Comparison

As a new structural material developed in recent years, carbon fiber is gradually challenging the status of traditional materials. Aluminum alloy is one of the more prominent traditional structural materials, so compared with carbon fiber and aluminum alloy, is the prototype material the winner, or does the traditional material have an unshakable position? Find out […]