Buck Converters – From Discrete Circuits to Fully Integrated Modules

【Introduction】Overspec Overspecifying AC/DC or DC/DC converters to handle transient peak loads as if they were a continuous state not only reduces efficiency but can also cause the power supply to exceed the necessary range. By understanding the average, worst-case and peak load conditions of the application, the most appropriate solution can be selected to ensure […]


Semiconductor chip shortage forces Volkswagen to cut production capacity across borders

The problem of semiconductor chip shortages is getting worse, and the impact has seriously affected the automotive industry. According to Reuters, Germany’s Volkswagen said on the 18th that the company is facing a shortage of semiconductor chips, and in response, Volkswagen will have to adjust its production plans at its factories in China, North America […]

Laser Cutting

What is the principle of laser-beam welding machine?

What is the principle of laser-beam welding machine? 1. Heat conduction welding When laser irradiates on the surface of the material, part of the laser is reflected and part of the material is absorbed; it changes the light energy into heat energy and then melts; the heat on material surface conducts and continues to transfer deeply, […]