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Basic knowledge for CNC machining manufacture (1)

Machining process: the use of mechanical processing methods (cutting or grinding) directly change the rough shape, size, relative position and nature, making it a part of the process. Machining process: refers to the process of processing machinery or parts manufacturing process and methods of operation and other technical documents Work station: In order to complete a certain part of the process, a fixture after the workpiece, the workpiece with the fixture or the movable part of the device Relative to the position occupied by the fixed part of the tool or equipment. The use of six rules according to a certain arrangement of the support point, and contact with the workpiece positioning plane, limit the six degrees of freedom, so that the workpiece location completely determined method. Installation: is part of the workpiece after the completion of a part of the process. Step: refers to the processing surface (or the connection surface when the assembly), processing (or assembly) tool unchanged, the continuous completion of that part of the process of work: processing tool or workpiece to feed the feed speed to complete a To the movement of the trip Dimension chain: refers to the parts of the process and the assembly process of the machine, interrelated and in a certain order of the closed size combination Production program: refers to the enterprise in the planning period should produce product output and schedule. Positioning: A process of determining the correct position of a workpiece in a machine or fixture. Benchmark: is the point on which the geometric relationships between the geometric elements on the production object are based. Process Benchmark: is the benchmark used in the process. Positioning datum: On the workpiece, determine the reference of the workpiece relative to the correct position of the fixture, tool, and machine tool. Assemble Benchmark: is the basis of the assembly used to determine the relative position of a part or part in the product. Lemo have good experience in cnc machining,CNC turning, CNC milling service  over 15 years.We can reach high precision according to customer's design drawings. 
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