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Brazil Hopes to Attract Investment of Henan’s Plastic and Mould Enterprises

In the afternoon of 28th, August, Brazil Project Cooperation & Import-export Report, which has set up close trade links between Henan and Brazil, was held simultaneously with The 5th International Investment and Trade Fair, Henan, China.

Brazil representative made “self-criticism” on the meeting.

Mr. Eduwaldo of Brazil International Cooperation Bureau introduced Brazil on the report, and made self-criticism, “There’s a great distance in economy between Brazil and China. We should learn from China.”

He said, “Basic facility construction in Brazil is very poor, and can’t make compare with China. Brazil government is taking great effort to Change by enlarging investment. The government puts no limit about personal investment. Brazil would like to establish trading partnership with Henan, we welcome Henan enterprises to invest.”

In recent years, Brazil had been one of the big trading partners of our country in Latin American area. 40 enterprises have opened trading agencies in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Goods imports from Brazil have reached as much as 1400, which are mainly primary products, takes up 77% of the country’s total exports amount. Iron and soybean are main products.

It is understood that Henan also paid much attention to the trade investment cooperation with Brazil. Strong complementarities are seen between these two areas. Mr. Eduwaldo invited Henan enterprises to invest in basic facility construction, agriculture, industry and environment.

Machines and equipments are needed by Brazil

Mr. Eduwaldo showed his sincerity in the good cooperation of Henan and Brazil. He introduced some products that Brazil should import from Henan.

Main products needed were machines and equipments, including machines and equipments used for steel production, heavy construction equipments, machines and equipments for plastic products, oil and gas exploitation, and railroad.

In addition, steel boards for making ships, tracks, personal computers, machines and cars equipments are also needed.

At the same time, he suggested some Brazil products which Henan could import, including foods, animal husbandry, bio-energy, textile raw material, buildings, moulds, clothes and jewelry, medical and fitness equipments.

In the end, many Henan enterprises showed their great interests in the cooperation, especially in basic facility construction, culture and arts. All wanted to keep long term cooperation with Brazil.

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