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Bucket mould supplier

Bucket mould supplier

Dear purchaser, if you are interested in buying bucket mould, if you are looking for bucket mould may consider some points:1. mould quality.2.mould price.3. delivery time 4.mould service.Our company,famous injection mould manufacturer, we consider more than our customer may consider.
We have make bucket mould and exported to South America, Europe, middle-east and so on. We bucket mould supplier make several kinds of bucket moulds, such as paint bucket mould, washing powder bucket mould,ice cream bucket mould, water bucket mould and so on.
Our mould with high standard, some kind of bucket mould we bucke mould supplier make drop test. I t depend on product’s character,For example, paint bucket mould. Because bucket will contain oil color, sometimes will drop. so must be strong. I think no one will drop the washing powder bucket on the floor.

4L bucket mould



Cycle time:12s

Delivery time:60 days

This is the product comes out from the first mould test. We bucket mould supplier can offer you 1L,2L,4L,5L,10L. According to your mould life requirement,we could suggest the suitable steel for you.And if you need IML line, w could also offer you the IML solution.

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