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Can pure aluminum be die-cast?

In the die-casting industry, we all know that there is a problem that many die-casting plants have not broken through, especially aluminum alloy die-casting plants that want to break through this technical problem, that is, pure aluminum die-casting. With the rapid development of the manufacturing industry, as well as the improvement of product performance, appearance, etc., pure aluminum die-casting has become a hot cake, and everyone wants to break through this problem. So can pure aluminum be die-casted into exquisite die-casting parts? Today, the editor of Quanfang Aluminum die casting Factory will explain to you.


First of all, due to the material characteristics of pure aluminum, it is generally difficult to die-cast. However, after repeated trials and research with many raw material manufacturers, the Quantum Cube aluminum alloy die-casting plant has finally developed a pure aluminum ingot that can be die-casted. It is currently undergoing trials. In the production stage, if the research is successful, it will be a great news for the die casting industry.

Why are pure aluminum die castings so popular? The reason is mainly due to the characteristics of the material, high thermal conductivity, anodic oxidation, complex structure and other factors, which are quite popular in the automotive, electronic, and equipment industries. is expected that our Cube Aluminum Alloy Die-casting Plant will soon realize mass production of pure aluminum die-casting.

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