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Car paint layer paint layer maintenance method

If the car is driving outside for a long time, it will inevitably be dusted. Generally, you only need to rinse it with clean water regularly. However, if some organic matter sticks to the car body sometimes, it is more troublesome. For example, some trees will secrete a kind of resin. When the car scratches the branches, the resin will stick to the car body; bird droppings are also very difficult. A difficult thing to deal with; in some areas, the weather is very hot, and the asphalt will also be thrown on the fast speeding car. If it is not removed in time, the paint will be eroded over time. If you encounter acid rain or sandstorms, you need to wash the body in time.

With the development of the auto service industry, various auto beauty products came into being. As long as you go to the car maintenance supplies market, you will find that there are many maintenance supplies and tools available. For example: there is a washing tool for a household car wash, one end is connected to a tap, and the other end is a pressurized shower, which can be easily cleaned by yourself. If there are no upper and lower drains around, that’s okay, you can dry clean. There are special bottled car body cleaners, pressure spray type, spray it on the body, and wipe it with a soft cloth.

In order to effectively protect the paint film, it is best to wax the car body first when the new car is just bought. Waxing can not only protect the paint surface, but also increase the brightness and make the car body shine.

Imported cars in the 1980s, especially some vans, began to corrode within 7 or 8 years. Because of the low level of technology at that time, the design life of this car was only 7 to 8 years. Once the lifespan is over, all kinds of diseases will naturally arise. Therefore, the state stipulated that motor vehicles must be scrapped for 10 years. In the 21st century, the situation has changed a lot. Automobile factories have adopted double-sided galvanized steel plates, the whole body of the body is electrophoretic painted, and the internal pipe holes are also filled with wax. Therefore, the anti-rust ability is greatly improved, and the service life of the car is universal. It’s more than 15 years. Therefore, the mandatory obsolescence period stipulated by the state has been extended to 15 years accordingly. But be careful. If the car body undergoes a collision, the steel plate of the car body is wrinkled, the paint surface layer is easily damaged, and the steel plate is exposed and easy to rust. It must be repaired and repainted immediately.

The paint layer is different from metal. Its hardness is very low and it is easy to be damaged. Therefore, you must use a soft suede, cotton or wool brush when cleaning or sanding. Otherwise, it will scratch and make it self-defeating.

One thing that annoys the car owner is that the car body is scratched out, some are accidentally scratched while driving, and some are scraped out by urchins or passers-by with hard objects for no reason. Those ugly scratches often cost the car owner a lot of money. To make up this line, you need to polish off the entire large area and respray. Otherwise, the patch marks will be fully exposed in the sun. In order to solve this problem, developers have also developed various complementary color pens. The appearance of complementary color pens has reduced the burden on car owners to some extent. But the best way is to drive carefully and choose a good parking place.

After the car has been used for a long time, it is inevitable that the paint will have more or less fading, whitening, and darkening. This is because the main component of paint is organic chemicals, which will oxidize and deteriorate under long-term ultraviolet irradiation. Frequent cleaning can reduce the fading phenomenon; mild fading can be waxed and polished, moderate fading can be polished, and severe fading can only be repainted.

Nowadays, many people like metallic paint, which looks shining and has good visual effects. However, the main sparkle component in metallic paint is aluminum powder, which is more susceptible to oxidation and cracks. Therefore, the metal paint needs more care and frequent polishing and waxing.

Polishing and waxing is not a difficult task, if you are willing to do it, you can solve it by yourself. There are all kinds of glazing waxes on the market, both liquid and waxy. You can choose what you like. After cleaning the car body, pour some on the car body, and then use a soft woolen fleece, cotton cloth or suede to apply lightly and evenly on the car body in circular motions. It doesn’t need to be hard. A thin layer, not too thick, but flat and even. Do not operate under sunlight, and the surrounding environment should be clean. After waxing, wait for one or two hours before leaving the car. This is to allow a time for the wax layer to adhere and solidify.

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