CES 2022 | ZF unveils advanced technologies covering all aspects of mobility

ZF and VinFast jointly launch the first L3 autonomous driving system for passenger cars

ZF’s self-driving shuttle bus system in partnership with Oceaneering is now available in the US

ZF’s advancing electric drivetrain technology will contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable environment

At CES, ZF showcased substantial progress on its next-generation mobility strategy, while also demonstrating that “next-generation mobility” is no longer a distant vision, but is an achievable goal. ZF has now developed technologies with advanced core intelligence functions aimed at raising the safety, automation and electrification of vehicles to new heights. These important advances in technology have global benefits, benefiting our society and the environment.


CES 2022 | ZF unveils advanced technologies covering all aspects of mobility

ZF Group Director Martin Fischer (Martin Fischer)

Martin Fischer, Director of ZF Group, said: “At ZF, we are striving to strike a balance between using proven smart technologies to help us solve the main challenges facing mobility, On the other hand, these technologies will be brought to market at a moderate pace. This will not only allow consumers to gradually adapt to new advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving interfaces and functions for safety and energy saving benefits, but also to charge or Infrastructure updates in areas such as the installation of dedicated shuttle bus lanes are facilitated.”

Ability to continue to improve

ZF’s recent successful customer orders and continued capacity enhancement justify its strategy. For example, ZF has launched an autonomous driving technology component including coASSIST in China with Dongfeng; and in response to strong customer interest in L2+ solutions, ZF has launched the coDRIVE system with traffic congestion assistance and highway driving assistance functions; In addition, ZF has developed a coPILOT system scalable to the L4 level, which will be launched in partnership with VinFast, a fast-growing electric vehicle manufacturer in Vietnam.

“Our OEM customers are looking for advanced technologies and smart features that add value to consumers,” Fischer said. “We have successfully steadily expanded advanced driver assistance systems and The autonomous driving business provides customers with a variety of products and services, including sensor technology fusion, system capabilities with advanced functions, and computing power required by the supercomputer ProAI.”


CES 2022 | ZF unveils advanced technologies covering all aspects of mobility

ZF is creating next-generation mobility solutions through its intelligence in advanced safety, autonomous driving and electrification in mobility markets including the passenger car market and autonomous shuttle buses.

Shuttle buses, commercial vehicles and the industrial sector will all benefit

As megacities continue to rise, another important frontier—transportation services—will become increasingly important. The desire to solve traffic congestion and improve space utilization will drive demand for other alternative modes of travel, and ZF’s automated transport systems team can now provide virtual turnkey solutions to help customers plan, operate and implement automated shuttle bus systems. The system can be applied both within the city and connecting cities and remote rural areas. Currently, ZF has brought these solutions to the United States.

With the advent of 2022, the newly merged Commercial Vehicle Solutions business unit will fully combine the strengths of ZF and the former WABCO to become a leading global supplier to the market with the technology required for advanced safety and autonomous driving and Advanced powertrain systems will actually witness many business cases that benefit from these capabilities.

ZF goes beyond traditional travel modes to provide advanced automation technology for agricultural equipment, mining, off-highway machinery and autonomous forklifts, and protect the environment with ultra-efficient wind turbine gearboxes.

Software Solutions Drive Mobility and Sustainability

ZF continues its transformation in all its business processes into a software- and digital-based company. By leveraging Microsoft cloud, artificial intelligence, IoT and data technologies, ZF is becoming a cloud-native mobility service provider, offering its customers clean, safe, convenient and affordable mobility solutions.

For example, through its highly intelligent software and semiconductor expertise, ZF brings electric drive inverter technology with greater scalability and modularity. This is a key step in improving motor efficiency, range and economy for an electrified future, and ZF is using its extensive expertise to shorten development cycles and bring these advanced technologies to market as quickly as possible.


CES 2022 | ZF unveils advanced technologies covering all aspects of mobility

ZF CEO Wolf-Henning Scheider

Wolf-Henning Scheider, CEO of ZF, said: “ZF has a unique opportunity to build the next generation of mobility and must act now. We are eager to solve the problems facing the world. major issues, because these issues have a vital impact on our survival and quality of life. To improve the lives of future generations, we must all work together, from government to industry to members of society, to focus on achieving Consistent goals for future commitments.”

ZF Group

ZF is a global technology company delivering next-generation mobility systems for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and industrial technology. ZF enables vehicles to see, think and act autonomously. In the four technical fields of vehicle motion control, integrated safety systems, autonomous driving and electric drive, ZF can provide a wide range of solutions for existing car manufacturers and start-up mobility service providers. ZF offers electric drive solutions for a wide range of vehicle types. With its product portfolio, ZF has always been committed to promoting energy saving and emission reduction, environmental protection and safety of travel.

With sales of 32.6 billion euros in 2020, the ZF Group currently has approximately 270 corporate locations in 42 countries and employs more than 150,000 people.

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