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Chinalco Mining Alumina Plant held the 2021 mid-year work conference

On the afternoon of August 8, the alumina plant held the 2 mid-year work conference.Convey the spirit of the company’s mid-year work conference, summarize the work in the first half of the year, and arrange and deploy the work priorities for the second half of the year.Factory leaders, professional supervisors, secretaries of workshop directors, and some production backbones attended the meeting.

The meeting was presided over by Zhang Huiyue, deputy secretary of the factory party committee.

The meeting first conveyed the speeches of the company’s party committee secretary Cheng Yuncai and general manager Li Guoqian at the company’s mid-year work meeting.

Hao Yuepeng, secretary of the party committee and factory director of the alumina plant, gave a work report entitled “Unite in the wind and rain, bravely move forward, and make unremitting efforts to achieve the annual work goal for victory.”He summarized the work in the first half of the year, analyzed the severe situation facing and the deficiencies in the work, and clarified the work direction, ideas, goals and measures for the second half of the year:

 The first is to implement “strict requirements and pragmatic work style” to create a team of party members and cadres with strong executive power and set examples; the second is to deepen the study and education of party history to promote cost reduction and efficiency; “To start with, keep the bottom line of safety and environmental protection; fourth is to keep a close eye on benchmarking indicators and promote 47 measures to be implemented; fifth is to continue to implement system optimization and upgrading, increase production and reduce consumption; sixth, “strong operation, precise maintenance, and non-stop reduction ”, to create a “leak-free factory”; seven is to continue to tackle energy consumption in key processes and promote energy conservation and carbon reduction; eight is to continue to strengthen quality awareness and stabilize product quality; nine is to increase the production of gallium metal to maximize benefits.

He emphasized that in the face of the “one-in-a-millennium” flood, the alumina plant made scientific decision-making, coordinated command, and relied on frontline backbone employees to fight hard, achieved zero injuries, two tailings depots were safe and sound, parking was safe and orderly, and production resumed. smoothly.This fully proves that as long as we have the responsibility and mission in mind, roll up our sleeves and work together, we will certainly be able to make up for the losses caused by the flood and successfully complete the production cost task in the second half of the year!

Hao Yuepeng also made specific requirements for the current severe epidemic prevention and control situation.

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