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China’s high-end ultra-high temperature forming equipment achieves a major breakthrough

In August 2018, with the support of the National Science and Technology Major Project of “High-end cnc machine Tools and Basic Manufacturing Equipment”, the high-end ultra-high temperature forming was jointly designed and developed by the Third Academy of China Aerospace Science and Industry Group’s 239th Factory and the General Academy of Mechanical Sciences. The equipment has completed the application assessment and reliability test verification of all working conditions and entered the formal application stage, thus filling the gap in the field of ultra-high temperature forming equipment for high-temperature high-performance materials such as titanium-aluminum intermetallic compounds in China.

The equipment consists of an ultra-high temperature superplastic forming machine and a thermoforming machine. Among them, the ultra-high temperature superplastic forming machine is the world’s first superplastic forming machine with a maximum operating temperature of 1200℃. During the development process, the research team has overcome the liquid-gas follow-up composite loading and super heat-resistant high-performance ceramic platform at ultra-high temperature. Key technologies such as design and manufacturing, precise forming control of high-temperature resistant materials, have solved the problem of traditional superplastic forming machines that are difficult to meet the requirements of ultra-high temperature superplastic forming and diffusion bonding in air atmosphere of new high-temperature resistant materials such as Ti2AlNb and γ-TiAl, effectively reducing The manufacturing cost of heat-resistant high-performance components has accelerated the engineering application of heat-resistant new materials. This hot forming machine is the first domestic hot forming machine with three hot working positions: preheating, pressing and slow cooling. During the development process, the research team has overcome the three hot working position coordination, preheating and slow cooling device movable design , The key technologies of large-tonnage mold hot state rapid loading and unloading, solve the bottleneck problems of low hot forming efficiency, long cycle, high cost caused by the traditional hot forming machine heating, forming, and cooling at the same station, so that the production efficiency of hot forming is improved. More than 1 times, and the higher the working temperature, the more significant the effect.

At present, high-end ultra-high temperature forming equipment has obtained 8 invention patents and 6 software copyrights. The equipment can be applied to the plastic forming of various precision components in aerospace, rail transit, automobile and other fields, and can be used for the hot end parts of China’s aero-engines, key components of satellite space stations, high-flame retardant metal interiors of trains, and high-end car covers, etc. Provide strong support for the development of high-end products.

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