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Classification method of hydraulic press by purpose

The hydraulic presses are as follows according to their usage:

Manual Hydraulic Press. Generally, it is a small hydraulic press, which is used for general processes such as restriction and press-fitting.

Casting hydraulic press. It is used for free casting, billeting of steel ingots and die forging of non-ferrous and ferrous metals.

Press hydraulic press. Used for various sheet metal stamping.

General purpose hydraulic press. Various all-round general hydraulic presses.

Correction press-fitting hydraulic press. Used for part calibration and installation.

Laminating hydraulic press. Used for restrictions on plywood, particle board, fiberboard and insulating material board.

Kneading hydraulic press. It is used for kneading various non-ferrous and ferrous metal wires, pipes, bars and profiles.

Limit hydraulic press. Used in powder metallurgy, plastic restricted forming, etc.

Packing and briquetting hydraulic press. It is used to press metal chips, etc. into blocks and pack them.

Other hydraulic presses. Contains other uses such as wheel and axle press-fitting, cable packaging, punching and so on.

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