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Cnc machining CNC machine tool processing deep hole processing

In the process of deep hole machining of cnc machine tools, there are often problems such as dimensional accuracy, surface quality and tool life of the machined parts. How to reduce or even avoid these problems is a problem that we need to solve now. 10 kinds of problems and solutions commonly used in machining deep hole machining of CNC machine tools.
A. Increased aperture and large error
1) Cause
The reamer outer diameter size design value is too large or the hinge cutting edge has burrs; the cutting speed is too high; the feed rate is improper or the machining allowance is too large; the reamer main angle is too large; the reamer is bent; the hinge cutting edge is sticky Attached to the cutting edge; the sharpening of the cutting edge of the cutting edge is too poor; the cutting fluid is not suitable for selection; when the reamer is installed, the oil on the surface of the taper shank is not wiped clean or the cone is bumped; the flat tail of the taper shank is loaded The rear taper shank of the machine tool spindle has interference; the spindle is bent or the spindle bearing is too loose or damaged; the reamer is not flexible; when the shaft is different from the workpiece and the hand is reamed, the force of the two hands is uneven, so that the reamer shakes left and right.
2) Solution
According to the specific circumstances, reduce the outer diameter of the reamer; reduce the cutting speed; adjust the feed amount or reduce the machining allowance; properly reduce the lead angle; straighten or scrap the curved reamer; carefully repair with the oil stone Qualified; control the swing within the allowable range; select the cutting fluid with better cooling performance; before installing the reamer, the reamer taper shank and the oil splash inside the taper hole of the machine tool must be cleaned, and the cone surface is bumped with oil stone; Grind the reamer flat tail; adjust or replace the spindle bearing; re-adjust the floating chuck and adjust the coaxiality; pay attention to correct operation.

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