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Compare Silicone Baby Drinking Cups And Plastic Baby Drinking Cups

silicone baby drinking cups and Plastic baby drinking cups, which one is better?What's their advantage and disadvantages of this two different material?Both silicone and plastic are material easily to be shaped to varous products.  Injection forming,  thermoforming silicone products & plastic products are widely used in our daily lives.Drinking cups, a very common products as example. What's the difference between silicone drinking cups and plastic drinking cups?Are silicone drinking cups better than plastic drinking cups?Actually, if consider the exterior effects, both silicone and plastic material are ideal material to manufacture creative shapes and bright colors drinking cups due to their features of easy molding.But if consider other factors such as hardness, drop resistance, silicone drinking cups & plastic drinking cups shows great difference.Silicone cups shows more elastic, soft and flexible. Compare with silicone cups, plastic cups is more hard and breakable. For many adult user, silicone cups is too soft for them. And when choosing baby cups, silicone's soft features show great advantages.

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