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Congratulation to Dongguan china silicone & rubber company established to five years

On 29 September 2012 ,shenzhen jiajie silicone & rubber company is established to five years .
In this five years ,we strictly We strictly required product quality .Our products from raw material procurement to production and shipping process has to undergo a rigorous testing, and with customers and the export requirements for third party certification.It is our duty to produce green silicone products to save earth resource .”The good faith, Responsible, Innovative, Team” is our company continuously pursue and the goal.
To Celebrate the jiajie company five years anniversary ,company hold a grand party .Many important  leaders ,clients and suppliers are invited to the party .

In this evening ,all the people got together in the party .The scene was warm atmosphere . The poster is printed “ Congratulation to shenzhen jiajie silicone & rubber company established to five years ”on the hotel wall. As the music sounded slowly , Light lit up the two young host smiling face .
At ten past eight ,Jiajie company general manager Mr Liu Gang announce the opening remarks .He thanks to all people come to invite the party and thanks to all the jiajie colleagues . The he announce that the party is beginning .

The show quite a success. We received an standing ovation at the end of performance. Thanks to all the jiajie colleagues .
At ten o’clock , The important leaders ,clients and suppliers are invited to take photos with our general manager ,deputy general manager and all the jiajie colleagues .with everybody cheers , our five year anniversary party is end .

We look forward to have the opportunity of working together with your esteemed company to create a new world of silicone! Let us meet next 5 anniversary, 10 anniversary, 50 anniversary …

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