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Congratulations !

Congratulations !

 In order to promote and implement the future development plan of seamless steel products, Mingfeng Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd moved to a new office on March 11, 2019. The company’s employees are enthusiastic and energetic to participate in the housewarming celebration. As a deep strategic partner, Jiaxing MT Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. also expressed its warm congratulations.



As the most important stainless steel seamless pipe supplier, Mingfeng’s main material for seamless pipe production is 304.304l.316.316l..317.317l.316ti, and the outer diameter of the pipe is 17.1-273.1mm. The development has grown stronger and stronger, and we have become more and more close. The old office has not adapted to the development of the Ming Feng team, so it moved to a new office on March 11. The new office space and complete office equipment provide employees with a more pleasant office environment, which is more conducive to stimulating employees’ work enthusiasm. Under the leadership of general manager Shao Yingwu and the hard work of the employees around the clock, Mingfeng has continuously entered a new stage. We firmly believe that Mingfeng will create better performance in the new office space, and Maxim is willing to work with Jun to look forward to a more brilliant future. At this time, China sincerely hopes that Ming Feng’s business will flourish.

Looking back at the outstanding performance of Ming Feng in the past and looking forward to the future, Ming Feng’s partners are full of enthusiasm and believe that they will bring us a completely different new world at a new starting point. Mtsco will always grow together with Mingfeng. With joy and honor, we will work hard for a better future.


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