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Control the position of the oxygen lance

In the entire steelmaking process, the position of the oxygen lance is a very important parameter, which is directly related to the occurrence of decarburization, slagging, heating and splashing in the steelmaking process. Therefore, the oxygen lance must be well controlled. The gun position enables the steelmaking process to proceed smoothly. In the whole campaign of converter steelmaking, as the number of steelmaking furnaces increases, the furnace lining becomes thinner due to erosion, and the furnace capacity continues to increase. Therefore, the molten steel level is measured every certain furnace. The system (fixed depth loading or quantitative loading) and measurement results determine the height of the oxygen lance, and during the two measurements, the height of the oxygen lance remains unchanged. At the same time, in each specific furnace, several different heights are set according to the initial, middle and final stages of blowing, and the height is constant in each time period. In the converter steelmaking process, slag-forming materials such as slagging agent, flux (initial stage) and coolant (final stage) are added to the furnace in stages, which changes the furnace conditions, which is equivalent to adding a disturbance, and at the same time The foaming degree and viscosity of the slag are also different at different stages, which will make the reaction and slagging in the furnace unable to proceed smoothly.

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