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Develop new short process technology for titanium semi-finished products

To develop new technology of short process of titanium bar semi-finished products, to improve the finished product ratio, work efficiency and uniform product quality is the goal that engaged in the research and production of titanium semi-finished products. The preparation process of titanium rod and wire in titanium semi-finished products is simple, which is a good starting point to study the preparation technology of short process (continuous casting and rolling).

Titanium bar is realized by using vacuum plasma cooling bed furnace billet continuous casting, and the three-roll planetary mill breakdown of billet continuous casting and rolling method to produce titanium rod line technical scheme is feasible, three-roll planetary mill can be fully with titanium as-cast grain crushing, solve the problem of forging permeability of titanium slab center, it passes deformation rate can reach at least 80% above (around 95%); Vacuum plasma cold bed furnace continuous casting bar billet – three high planetary rolling mill billet rolling is a new efficient and short process processing technology of titanium bar wire, which is the future development direction.

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