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Dongguan mold industry under the “Internet +” competition for the invisible market

It has been almost 4 years since I came to Songshan Lake to establish an industrial robot R&D and manufacturing enterprise. Yu Chunhua is still used to looking for mold suppliers on Taobao, and then conduct offline docking. Most of the products produced by Yu Chunhua are non-standard products, which represent the latest trends in the development of global industrial manufacturing.

In recent years, with the rapid rise of personalized custom production, the demand for similar Internet-based production with small quantities and more styles has quickly become popular. At the Industrial Fair held in Hannover, Germany not long ago, “Converged Industry-Joining the Network” became the theme of this world’s industrial manufacturing weather vane event, showing that the integration of industry and the Internet has become a development trend.

While the Internet provides manufacturers like Yu Chunhua with efficient choices and convenience, it also brings many brand-new propositions to molds that are located in the upper reaches of the industrial chain and are known as the “mother of industry”.

In Dongguan, the mold industry has always been one of the main pillar industries of the city, and it has also laid a solid industrial supporting foundation for “Made in Dongguan” to become famous all over the world. However, what many people don’t know is that this industry, which is usually classified as traditional manufacturing by many people, is now undergoing transformation and exploration of cross-border integration.

From product design, to mold manufacturing, to channel sales, and then to brand building, the Dongguan mold manufacturing industry is showing a new vitality driven and stimulated by the Internet. Many traditional mold craftsmen have also rushed to the second venture. On the road.

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