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Explosion from truck kills 4 and injures 36

An explosion in a storehouse for shoe-making materials in Guangzhou on Tuesday killed at least four people and injured 36, the city said on its micro blog.
Firefighters put out a blaze after an explosion ripped through a roadside warehouse for shoe-making materials in Guangzhou on Tuesday, killing at least four and injuring 36. Thirteen children from a nearby kindergarten were among the injured
At least 13 children at a nearby kindergarten were injured by flying glass from windows smashed by the shock wave.
The blast took place at 11:50 am in a storehouse opposite the Ezhangtan archway in Baiyun district, according to a witness named Chen Xiaohong who works in a ventilator shop across the road from the storehouse.
However, smoke was still pouring out of the storehouse when a China Daily reporter left the scene at 5 pm. The choking smoke was still affecting people 1 kilometer away./ for China Daily

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