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Extruder Maker Builds Own Synchronous Torque Motors

Machine builder Ematik GmbH in Magdeborg, Germany, is the latest firm to adapt its single-screw extruders (25 to 75 mm diam.) to use permanent-magnet, synchronous torque motors. While this is a growing trend, what’s unusual about Ematik is that it buys the rotors and stators, then builds the motors itself. The result is said to be lower cost and more compact machines. Ematik showed its SKETmatik extruders with the new torque motors for the first time at the recent K 2007 show in Dusseldorf. The first two machines (25 and 38 mm) have been running for two years in medical tubing lines. Ematik intends to build one up to 90 mm diam. next year. Tel: +49 (391) 72798-0 .

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