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Fangtian Software: Function description of mold MES system!

The mold MES system can fill the information gap between the ERP system’s production planning and production control, using real-time and accurate information to guide, respond and feed back to various activities that occur in the workshop, respond quickly to changing conditions on the spot, and reduce non-value-added activities. Eventually achieve efficient workshop production.

  • 1. Change the traditional manual input process to avoid human input errors, so that on-site production personnel can concentrate on business operations, achieve accurate, timely and fast data feedback, and improve work efficiency.
  • 2. Real-time collection of all events that occur during the production process, and use barcode technology to track the entire production process of the product from material production to finished product warehousing, so that the entire factory workshop is completely transparent.
  • 3. Quickly discover the cause of abnormal quality problems, formulate targeted measures to solve quality bottlenecks, realize product quality traceability, make products clear and transparent throughout the production process, and reduce quality costs.
  • 4. Real-time recording and monitoring of the completion of production procedures and processing tasks, personnel work efficiency, labor productivity, equipment utilization, product qualification rate, reject rate, etc., through the system’s comprehensive statistical information query function, timely discover problems in the implementation process And make improvements. Realize modern process management
  • 5. Support the management of finished products, work in progress, inventory, etc. At the same time that each work center in the workshop receives processing tasks, the warehouse can quickly prepare the types and quantities of tools needed, which is accurate and convenient.
  • 6. ​​Provide advanced technology reserves for enterprises to realize integrated design and manufacturing, and support enterprises to implement lean production and refined management.

Manufacturing companies are facing tremendous pressure brought about by the ever-increasing individual needs of customers, increasingly stringent regulations, and increasingly fierce market competition. For enterprises, the correct application of MES technology to effectively support enterprises to achieve refined management, especially the management of the manufacturing process is of great significance. MES optimizes the workshop manufacturing process and improves the transparency of enterprise production. Fangtian Software has been committed to the research and development of MES system to help companies narrow the gap between factory floor automation systems and enterprise-level ERP systems.

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