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Features and operation methods of multifunctional hydraulic press

 Features of multifunctional Hydraulic Press:

  • 1. Computer optimized layout design, gantry layout, complex, economical and applicable.
  • 2. The hydraulic control adopts a cartridge valve integrated system, with adjustable pressure, fluctuating flow, reliable action, long application life, and increasing the continuous receiving path and leakage points.
  • 3. Adopt button centralized control, with inching and semi-active control system.
  • 4. Self-reliant electrical control system, reliable duty, straightforward action, unsightly, unsightly, unsightly, unsightly, unsightly, unsightly, unsightly, unsightly, unsightly, and convenient for maintenance.
  • 5. Through the control and control assembly, it can complete the two forming processes of fixed stroke and pressure, and has functions such as pressure holding time delay.
  • 6. ​​The duty pressure of the slider, the stroke range of no-load fast downward and slow work advancement can all be adjusted according to process needs.

2. Press operating system of multi-function hydraulic press:

  • 1. Manipulation system: adjustment, manual, and semi-active three control systems.
  • 2, restraint system: fixed pressure suppression and fixed range suppression.
  • 3. The position of the slider stroke is inevitable through the stroke switch. The zero point in the master cylinder is at the top of the master cylinder. The change point is controlled by the same stroke switch. The stroke switch adopts a non-contact proximity switch. (Control precision <0.2mm).
  • 4. The hydraulic pressure of the multi-function hydraulic machine is controlled by the ATOS proportional pressure regulating valve, and there is a pressure sensor to respond to the pressure flag. The pressure can be adjusted accurately and the tonnage of the press can be displayed on the man-machine interface. Depressed tonnage accuracy <1T.

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