Find the best solution for cost reduction, 5G base station power supply and smart light poles are integrated and landed

On August 12-13, the “Second (Shenzhen) 5G Base Station Power Supply and Smart Light Pole Technology Seminar” will be held in Shenzhen. The organizer invited the main players of base station power and smart light poles to focus on 5G base station power and wisdom. Light pole products, how to find the optimal solution from the perspective of Electronic components.

According to the latest “2020 China 5G Economic Report”, the total domestic investment in 5G networks from 2020 to 2025 is 0.9-1.5 trillion yuan. The largest part of this investment will be spent on the construction of 5G base stations.

In the 5G era, the RRU (remote radio unit) of the macro base station and the antenna feeder are “combined” and become an AAU (active antenna unit). AAU consumes a lot of power. Almost all towers have to be upgraded with power supplies, and the sites are also dense. The main reason is that the tower is not satisfied, and the property is involved, and then the construction difficulty increases.

Find the best solution for cost reduction, 5G base station power supply and smart light poles are integrated and landed

At present, the domestic 5G construction is mainly based on macro base stations, which is relatively easy. In the later stage, when we enter deep coverage and start desperately building micro base stations, the pressure on operators will increase.

Micro base stations and macro base stations are quite different. The price of the micro base station itself is not as high as that of the macro base station, but in densely populated urban places, the rent and entrance fee are often more expensive, and the cost of indoor construction (wiring, installation) is also more expensive.

No matter from the perspective of height, distance, or power supply, smart light poles are the natural carriers of 5G micro base stations, and they are the beneficiaries of the 5G new infrastructure wave. After the new infrastructure concept was put forward, smart light poles have been upgraded to integrated infrastructure, and become one of the important measures to support the construction of 5G information infrastructure and realize the co-construction and sharing of resources.

From the perspective of demand, according to the plan for the number of 5G base stations in 2023, the number of 5G macro stations will double. Take Beijing as an example: In the future planning of Beijing, 20% of base stations will use “social tower resources (including smart towers)”, and only 10% will use independent towers (ie, non-shared towers).

With the successful promotion of the 5G micro base station solution in the application of smart light poles, 5G smart light poles have been deployed on demonstration roads in many cities in China, integrating 5G micro base stations and smart street lights into one pole! Effectively alleviate the cost pressure of micro base station sites, and comprehensively strengthen the construction of digital cities.

There are many specialties in the research and development, matching and landing of 5G smart light pole products. For example, the installation position, appearance, selection and design of LED light pole screens are different. Smart street lights in different scenarios have different heights of light poles, so you should The matching LED light pole screens are also different in size, model, precision and shape. At the same time, they are also very particular about the selection of 5G base stations, light sensing, remote power off, synchronization, audio, environmental monitoring, monitoring and other functional modules.


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