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Fitting mould solution

Are you annoying by plastic fitting molding? Fitting mould supply, piping China mould manufacturer, China FITTING MOULD provides you tailor fitting molding solution.

To us manufacturers, the most important is better production performance and economy. Many fitting industries believe that it would be more economic if they have more fitting mould cavities. Actually, it is not good for long time fitting manufacturing.

For tooling, fitting mould with simple structure will be easier. Thus fitting mould delivery time will be much shorter.

For production, the more simple mould structure, longer mould life. Fitting mould with simple structure will be more stable. Because plastic material flows through shorter runner.

For after service, fitting mould with simple structure is more easier for repairing. Suppose there is only a small spare part broken, we need to disassemble the whole fitting mould. Multi-cavity fitting mould will be very troublesome, besides, it will influence fitting output.
And finally point is price of fitting mould differs much.


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