Focusing on customer needs, Mouser Electronics won the “2020 Huaqiang Electronic Network Quality Supplier” award

April 28, 2021 – Mouser Electronics, an Electronic component distributor focused on introducing new products to promote industry innovation, announced that in the “Industrial Interconnection, Creating a Core Future” Huaqiang Electronics Network Quality Supplier Awards Ceremony Electronics continues to provide customers with a large number of high-quality component products and technical resources, as well as continuous innovation in distribution services, which has been unanimously concerned and recognized by colleagues in the electronics industry, and finally won the “2020 Huaqiang Electronics Network” after public voting and expert review. Quality Supplier” Award.

Affected by the international economic situation, the current major pattern of economic development is based on the mutual promotion of domestic and international circulation. Infrastructure construction will promote the application and development of technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. In order to help the rapid improvement of domestic technology, Mouser Electronics not only actively expands the distribution product line, but also pays attention to the technical content and quality control of the introduced devices. Allowing customers such as engineers and purchasers to have more choices when purchasing the required devices.

Jiping Tian, ​​Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Mouser Electronics Asia Pacific, said: “In today’s increasingly intelligent and interconnected industries, the research and development of related technologies requires the use of various components with good performance, reliability and stability. As a global distributor of electronic components, Mouser Electronics has been maintaining close cooperation with major brand manufacturers, actively promoting new products and new technologies, quickly meeting customer needs with massive inventory and continuously updated technical resources, and assisting engineers to speed up research and development. and design. In terms of technical services, we have launched a wealth of product application e-books, the latest solutions, technical articles, etc. with the original factory, and constantly updated the online technical database to become an online think tank for electronic enthusiasts. In the future, we will further Expand products and services, face customers with better services, and continue to contribute to the electronics industry.”

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