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Folding pallet box supply

Pallet box widely used and is most necessary in transporting and storage. But because of its large size, you may find it headache of taking too much space when it left idle. Folding pallet box can completely solve this problem.

Here we supply below series of foldable pallet container:

Check below photo to see detail specification:
1) High strength, pallet with low pressure high density HDPE material
2) Side door can be disassembled, easier for goods carrying.
3) Special design of side door lock
4) Bottom base can be lifted from four sides, greatly help transporting
5) Cover embedded design fully prevent dirt
6) After folded, above five series pallet height will be the same. All will be 350mm.
7) Withstand capacity, three sets pallet stacking, 1000 Kgs each

If you have any interest of folding pallet boxes, feel free to contact me.



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