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Four Points Considered in the Design of 160 Ton Hydraulic Press

Four Points Considered in the Design of 160 Ton Hydraulic Press

The 160-ton hydraulic press design structure includes hydraulic system design, hydraulic pump station design, body design, numerical control system design, performance parameters, etc. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider whether the customer needs to be equipped with automatic feeders, manipulators and other devices. These are all issues that need to be considered when designing a 160-ton hydraulic press. The following 4 points are some questions that have to be known when designing and producing 160 tons of hydraulic presses. Learn together to understand:

  • 1. The nominal pressure of a 160-ton hydraulic press must be greater than the punching process force. But for the process with a long working stroke, it is not only necessary to satisfy the technological force, but also to consider satisfying the working load curve.
  • 2. The stroke of the slider of a 160-ton hydraulic punching machine should meet the requirements that the part can obtain the required size in height, and can be smoothly taken out of the mold after the stamping process is completed. For stretched parts, the stroke should be more than twice the height of the part.
  • 3, the stroke number of 160-ton hydraulic press should meet the requirements of productivity.
  • 4. The closing height of the 160-ton hydraulic punching machine, the size of the working table, the size of the sliding block, the size of the die handle hole, etc. must meet the correct installation requirements of the mold. For the crank hydraulic punch, the closing height of the mold should be increased Between the height of the mold and the height of the small mounting mold.

The 160-ton hydraulic press applies pressure to the material to deform it plastically to obtain the required shape and precision. Therefore, a set of molds (divided into upper and lower molds) must be used to place the material in between, and the machine will apply pressure to make Its deformation. The 160-ton hydraulic press is a fully automatic and intelligent electro-hydraulic composite press in the stamping equipment industry. Compared with traditional presses and injection presses, both in terms of mechanical structure, control system and There are great breakthroughs in function.

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