Full-color Micro-LED micro-display chip helps the development of the universe

Full-color Micro-LED micro-display chip helps the development of the universe

In half a year, the accumulated investment amounted to nearly 100 million yuan.

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According to the news of the IPO, Raysolve recently announced the completion of nearly 10 million U.S. dollars of Pre-A round of financing. This round of financing was led by Gaorong Capital, followed by Yaotu Capital, and Taihe Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor. The funds raised in this round will be used for the R&D iteration and small batch production of Radium semiconductor‘s world’s first standardized full-color Micro-LED microdisplay chip to meet the urgent market needs of domestic and foreign first-line terminal manufacturers.

Prior to this, Radium Semiconductor completed an angel round of financing, and Source Code Capital was the only investor in this round. So far, in just six months, Radium Semiconductor has completed two rounds of financing, and has received a total of nearly 100 million yuan in investment.

Founded in 2019, Leiyu is a high-tech company focusing on Micro-LED micro-Display chip architecture design, process and monolithic full-color technology research; the core team originated from the Department of Electronics of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and has many years of cutting-edge optical chip design And manufacturing experience. In 2019, the team released the world’s first single-chip full-color Micro-LED micro-display chip in Silicon Valley.

Raiyu believes that AR is the inevitable choice to enter the meta-universe, but the bulky head-mounted AR “helmet” is not only extremely inconvenient, and the low display brightness also limits many application scenarios. In the future, the truly lightweight consumer-grade AR smart glasses will allow users to get rid of the bulky helmets, realize the interaction with the virtual world in real life scenarios, and realize the cool application scenarios in “Out of Control Players”.

“Thanks to the development of the third-generation semiconductor technology, the company has built a world-leading full-color Micro-LED display technology and solutions. Lai Yu’s Micro-LED micro display chip brings high brightness, high contrast, and high brightness to the display. Advantages such as high efficiency, small size, low power consumption, and low packaging cost.” Dr. Yongzhang Zhuang, founder and CEO of Leiyu, emphasized that most Micro-LED microdisplay companies at home and abroad are still on the flip-chip technology route. Flip-chip has obvious limitations in terms of alignment accuracy and pixel size. The technology itself cannot achieve ultra-micro pixel size, and it is not suitable for application scenarios that require ultra-high pixel density (such as AR smart glasses). Radium’s unique large-size epitaxial transfer technology not only guarantees ultra-high pixel density and high mass production, but also enables the chip to have higher performance and lower power consumption, thus becoming a differentiator from competitors. A basic core technology.

A background to mention is that in the field of Micro-LED, there are two technical routes. One is to achieve ultra-high pixel and ultra-high-resolution display through mass transfer technology, but this technology is not suitable for micro-display. The second route is monolithic integration using semiconductor technology. Through the design and process of micro-display devices on CMOS drive wafers, the pixel size and pixel pitch are smaller; at present, Micro-LED micro-displays worldwide The chip basically stays at the monochrome display level, and there is no mature single-chip full-color Micro-LED display solution. On the second technical route, Radium Semiconductor is at the forefront of the world.

“The full-color Micro-LED microdisplay chip independently developed by Leiyu will help the realization of consumer-grade AR smart glasses and provide end consumers with a completely new experience that is completely different from the past.” Dr. Zhuang Yongzhang said that AR technology and smart glasses are expected to replace smart phones , To become the ultimate interactive platform for the next ten years; to achieve AR consumer-level applications, single-chip full-color is the current threshold for the development of Micro-LED micro-displays.

At present, Leiyu’s unique common anode (CoANODETM) ultra-high-brightness Micro-LED chip architecture, combined with large-size GaN-on-Silicon epitaxial wafers and color coatings, creates Leiyu’s ultra-high The precision full-color Micro-LED micro-display chip can meet the display needs of small-size, high-brightness interactive application scenarios such as AR smart glasses.

Leiyu has a strong team strength and deep technical background. During the period of Dr. Zhuang Yongzhang, he studied under Professor Liu Jimei, a well-known professor in the field of optoelectronics at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He has more than 15 years of experience in semiconductor technology and material research and development, and has been engaged in third-generation semiconductor and Micro-LED related research. Dr. Zhuang has published more than 30 papers and 60 patents in internationally renowned journals. In the past, he has won honors such as Suzhou Industrial Park Leading Talent and Gusu Leading Talent.

In addition to the current AR display field that has attracted much attention from the market, Leiyu’s Micro-LED micro display technology can also be applied to HUD (automobile head-up display), 3D printing, plateless lithography and many other fields in the future. It has a wide range of application scenarios and market potential. Huge advantages. Leiyu continues to achieve disruptive breakthroughs in core technology. After the completion of this round of financing, Leiyu will continue to increase investment in research and development, expand its technological advantages, and actively deploy its core markets to become the leader of the global micro-display industry in the future.

Yue Bin, the founding partner of Gao Rong Capital, said, “Gao Rong has been paying attention to the development and breakthroughs of AR core devices. Leiyu’s unremitting exploration and accumulation in the direction of Micro-LED allows us to see AR equipment in the near future. While achieving lightness, thinness and high brightness, it also has the high feasibility of full-color functions. We look forward to Leiyu starting from the breakthrough of the underlying technology to promote the acceleration of AR consumer-level applications.”

Yu Guang, Investment Director of Yaotu Capital, said: “Micro-LED is currently recognized as the ultimate solution for AR glasses display technology, but how to effectively achieve full-color ultra-high-resolution display on a single chip that is small enough is still an industry problem. It is hoped that Leiyu, under the leadership of Dr. Zhuang, will break the technical bottleneck of Metaverse physical layer interaction as soon as possible and realize the mass production of chip solutions as soon as possible.”

Source Code Capital Zhao Wanrong said: “The full-color Micro-LED made by Leiyu is an indispensable hardware infrastructure for AR in the future. Leiyu’s team has been deeply involved in the Micro-LED industry for more than 15 years. The era of full-color Micro-LED continues to lead the development of the industry.”

Mi Yezhou, vice president of Taihe Capital, said: “One of the core bottlenecks for the large-scale commercialization of AR glasses lies in the high brightness, high resolution and single-chip full color of Micro-LEDs. There are many challenges. More than ten years of intensive cultivation and accumulation in the industry, leading the industry to develop core technologies such as large-size wafer bonding and lithography quantum dot full-colorization, will completely solve the industry’s pain points and lead the entire industry to a new milestone.”

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