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Great significance to improve vehicle management and service levels

Create conditions for the regulation and management of second-hand car transactions. Some provisions of the transfer registration in the “Registration Measures” set the principles for future second-hand car transactions, which is conducive to the future regulatory management of second-hand car transactions and standardize the market order, thereby eliminating the current second-hand car transactions. The various drawbacks of this are conducive to the development of second-hand car transactions.

Improved the operational safety of the car leasing business At present, large car leasing companies have encountered car fraud cases, that is, someone rented out the car and then resold it. Therefore, the current car rental fee includes a large part of the funds to prevent car rental fraud, which has increased the burden of honest users on the rental fee.

It is beneficial to the public security traffic management department to strengthen management methods. Because the “Registration Measures” comprehensively regulate the behavior of motor vehicle registration and complete the registration procedures within a time limit, it is a concrete manifestation of the public security traffic management department to strengthen management methods, which is useful for improving vehicle management and The level of service is of great significance. In addition, Article 56 of the “Registration Measures” stipulates the handling of illegal registration of motor vehicle registration personnel. This is conducive to improving the overall quality of the public security traffic management department, while also restraining the occurrence of crimes involving the use of vehicles.

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