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How china Company Can Provide Cheap Goods To Clients?

Why your factory can offer clients silicone cake molds with a low price between $0.5 to $3? Providing high quality products at such a low price, is your company profitable?This article will give out three reasons to explain how Weishun Company make a profit and why silicone cake molds produced by us is cheap. This article will give out three reasons to explain how Weishun Company make a profit and why silicone cake molds produced by us is cheap.1) Reliable Raw Material Suppliersilicone rubber is an elastomer(rubber-ike materia), which can contain fillers to improve properties or reduce cost. With the development of producing technology, the output of silicone rubber is growing larger and larger. More importantly, though in recent years the price of silicone rubber raw material is increasing, silicone rubber is still cheaper than most plastics.2) Excellent Food Grade Raw Silicone Material, Higher Final Passed YieldWe are a supplier understand the importance of qualitied products. And quality of goods we producted is our top concermed. So we select high transparency raw silicone rubber as the material of silicone cake mold.As we all know,mold for making cake is a kind of ordinarily baking tool which will directly contact with food.Any uncertain substance in baking mold may do harm to people's health.It is obviously that the safety of silicone cake mould should be take at first place. So high quality silicone rubber which FDA approved can directly contact with food should  be chosen.Another benefit high quality raw material can bring us is a higher passed yield. According to our engineer, defective product is more easy to appear on the process of producing if the low quality raw silicone material be add to machine. It will cause more waste of material and time. Even we need to spent more money than we had saved to make up for  previous mistakes.3) More Skilled Workers, Lower CostWe are a factory has producing silicone products for over 10 years. In addition, our workers who has 4 to 8 years producing experience is skilled. They can finish our customer's order quickly. Besides, in order to increase productivity, we not only trained our workers, but also upgrade producing machine in a purpose of producing more products on the same time. And because of that, the cost is our silicone cake mold is lower and lower.Why our silicone cake making molds are cheap?
Low cost product is not because that we use low quality material. On the contrary, we use high quality raw material to control cost.Weishun Silicone is a company aim to offer high quality but low price silicone products to every customer of us. And we will continuely work hard to achieve the goal.

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