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How to maintain the car air conditioner

Hyundai cars basically use R-134a refrigerant, which is what we usually call environmentally friendly refrigerant. Its chemical name is 1,1,1,2-Terafluoroethane, and its molecular formula is CH3CH2F. The technical requirements of R-134a refrigerant must be greater than 99.9% purity and less than water content. 0.001%, the acid content is less than 0.0001%. During the use of the air conditioner, the refrigerant will continue to produce chemical changes: the water content continues to increase, and acidic substances continue to be produced. This will not only quickly reduce the cooling effect of the air conditioner, but also cause damage to the cooling components. The hardening and brittleness of the sealing rubber ring, the corrosion of the metal of the evaporator and the radiator, and the leakage of refrigerant, etc. are a series of problems. It directly reflects the loss of vehicle power and the increase in fuel consumption, and more importantly, the high cost of repairs and parts replacement. Therefore, the refrigerant of the car air conditioner needs to be replaced regularly, and it is generally better to replace it every 2-3 years.

Compressor oil, like engine oil, is an indispensable product for automobile air conditioning and refrigeration. General compressor oil is made of PAG (polyether compound). It must be completely compatible with R-134a refrigerant, with high temperature and high pressure resistance, and excellent fluidity. The main function of compressor oil is not only to provide lubrication to the compressor, but also to provide lubrication to the inner wall of the pipeline, reduce the pressure loss of the refrigerant flow, and protect the metal from corrosion and the seal ring from brittle cracking and aging. Just like the engine oil of a car, it will be carbonized during use, producing impurities such as gum, sludge, etc., which not only loses the lubrication and protection effect, but also blocks the drying bottle (bar), expansion valve and other parts in the refrigeration component. It directly leads to a great drop in refrigeration efficiency and an increase in fuel consumption. The more serious one is the damage of compressors and other parts, resulting in high air-conditioning maintenance costs. Therefore, the compressor oil must also be replaced regularly, and the inside of the pipeline must be cleaned to keep the refrigerant and compressor oil flowing smoothly.

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