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How to make five-axis cnc processing simple

The new concept of advanced machining functions is based on the idea that any five-axis machining function, no matter how complex, can be defined in a few simple steps. Moldmakers have taken a tried and tested approach to setting up the mold production process:(1) The area to be processed and the processing order. This step is based on the complexity of the shape of the part and is often the easiest to inspire the skilled mechanic.(2) What shape should the tool path in the machining area have? Should the tool be cut according to the parametric lines of the surface, in front and rear or up and down order, and the surface boundary is used as a guide?(3) How to guide the tool axis to match the tool path? This is very important for the quality of the surface finish and whether to use a shorter hard tool in a small space. Moldmakers need to have adequate control of the tool, including the anteversion angle that occurs when the tool is tilted. In addition, the angular limits created by the rotation of the table or tool holder of many machine tools must be considered. For example, there is a limit to the degree of rotation of a milling/turning machine.(4) How to change the cutting path of the tool? How to control the displacement of the tool due to reset or displacement and the displacement that the tool must produce between the machining areas at the starting point of the tool path? The displacement generated by the conversion process is very important in the production of the mold. It eliminates the evidence line and the traces produced by the tool (which can be removed by manual polishing thereafter).
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