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How to reduce errors when processing precision metal parts ?

No matter how precise the instrument is, there will be a certain error during mechanical processing. This is for sure. Then what means does the processing plant use to reduce the error to an extremely low level? This is a very difficult problem to overcome in mechanical processing, and it also reflects the overall strength of some processing. Then the precision hardware processing manufacturer will come to you to slowly popularize this knowledge.
   1. After the workpiece is aligned and adjusted in sequence, it can enter the automatic processing stage. During the automatic machining process, the operator should monitor the cutting process to prevent abnormal cutting from causing workpiece quality problems and other accidents. The quality of the monitoring tool largely determines the processing quality of the workpiece. In the process of automatic machining and cutting, the normal wear and abnormal damage conditions of the tool must be judged by methods such as sound monitoring, cutting time control, pause inspection during cutting, and workpiece appearance analysis. According to the processing requirements, the tools should be disposed of in time to prevent the occurrence of processing quality problems caused by the failure of the tools to be disposed of in time.
2. In practice, for precision parts such as precision machine tools and gyroscopes, the expected precision goals can be achieved by conservatively removing precision machining methods. Specifically, for non-ferrous metal materials, milling or turning processing methods can be used to complete the accuracy target; for ferrous metal materials, the accuracy task can be completed by the technological means of polishing, grinding, and grinding. Processing equipment is a platform for the implementation of precision and ultra-precision processing technology. It is important to consider several factors: First, the final precision of the machine tool can reach the comprehensive accuracy of Dalian Machining Institute; second, the machine tool data and structural design; third, the machine tool transmission and servo system; fourth, the machine tool equipment and working conditions. These factors are related to the development level of precision Dalian machining technology, which must be highly valued.
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