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How to separate the bubbles in the four-column hydraulic oil?

Due to the stirring effect of the return oil in the oil tank, the four-column Hydraulic Press is prone to produce suspended air bubbles trapped in the oil. If air bubbles are brought into the hydraulic system, many failures will occur. In order to prevent the oil bubbles from being sucked into the pump before they are eliminated, the following methods can be adopted.

  • ①Set a metal mesh, install a metal diagonal mesh at the bottom of the fuel tank, and use a 60-mesh mesh to defoam, the effect is excellent.
  • ②Other defoaming measures for hydraulic presses, hydraulic oil with good defoaming performance is used to reduce the possibility of bubbles caused by oil return and mixing. After the return oil is decelerated by the spiral flow groove, no bubbles will be generated by stirring the oil in the tank; the metal mesh has the function of trapping and removing bubbles.
  • ③Set up a partition to separate the oil return area and the pump suction area. The return oil is baffled by the partition, and the flow rate is slowed down, which facilitates the separation of bubbles and overflows the oil surface, such as. However, it is difficult to separate fine bubbles in this way, and the separation efficiency is not high.
  • ④When the air filter on the tank cover is blocked by dirt, it is also difficult to separate from the air. At this time, it will also cause the hydraulic system to generate negative pressure in the fuel tank due to the fluctuation of the oil surface of the fuel tank during the working process, which makes the pump suction poor .

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