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How to solve the abnormal pressure of the hydraulic press

1. The resistance hole is blocked

For hydraulic pressure relief valves, the pressure is often lost after the system is pressurized, and the pressure cannot be adjusted by turning the handwheel. Or the system is overpressured, and the overflow valve does not have an overflow function. For the hydraulic pressure reducing valve, the pressure at the oil outlet cannot be increased and the oil flow is very small. The main reason is that the oil pollution causes the orifice to be blocked by dirt, and the slide valve loses its control function.

2. The oil inlet and outlet of the hydraulic machine are installed reversely

Reverse installation is likely to occur on the pipe connection, and the plate valve is also prone to reverse installation of the oil circuit in the design of the manifold, resulting in pressure regulation failure.

3. The spring is broken, missing or the spring stiffness is not suitable

As a result, the slide valve of the Hydraulic Press loses its spring force and cannot be adjusted. Or the spring stiffness is too large or too small, which makes it difficult to adjust the pressure.

4. The main valve spool is too tight or stuck by dirt

The pressure of the relief valve of the hydraulic press increases, or the pressure reducing effect of the pressure reducing valve fails.

5. Leak

External leakage of hydraulic press will cause environmental pollution and is easy to find; while internal leakage mainly occurs due to machining accuracy, assembly accuracy or wear and tear, it is not easy to check, and often causes the noise of the hydraulic valve to increase and significant pressure fluctuations.

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