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How to solve the problem of mold damage during the processing of stamping parts

How to solve the problem of mold damage during the processing of Stamping parts

  • 1. For the cut-to-length plate, although the appropriate size is selected, after the shear is realized from the steel plant, it is unnecessary to perform secondary shearing to reduce the cutting price; for the coil, although the coil size and process for uncoiling are selected, Reduce the workload of secondary shearing and improve work obedience.
  • 2. There is an error requirement for the thickness of the plate. Usually, within the allowable limit of the error, the plate with the lower error should be selected.
  • 3. Determining the shape and size of the open sheet of the metal stamping parts is to analyze the degree of deformation of the stamping parts, the design process and the conditions for drawing up the process regulations. If the sheet shape of Changzhou stamping parts is suitable, not only the uneven distribution of deformation along the sheet can be significantly improved, but also the forming limit can be improved, and the height of the lug can be reduced, and the trimming margin can be reduced. In addition, for some parts that are simply formed after blanking, if the exact shape and size of the sheet can be given, the number of mold trial adjustments can be reduced, thereby shortening the manufacturing cycle and improving the manufacturing rate.
  • 4. When selecting materials for product design, avoid using high-brand materials to cause excess product performance. At the same time, under the conditions of meeting product and process requirements, although the materials and thicknesses of existing mass-produced models are selected to form a material platform , Provide convenience for subsequent purchase and inventory management.

Stamping processing is the four major processes. The most common problem in stamping processing is the failure of stamping dies, which often results in a production stoppage, which affects the quality of stamping parts and the processing cycle. Therefore, it is necessary to find the mold failure as soon as possible and reasonably repair it.

Mold damage refers to mold cracking, breaking, expanding, etc. To deal with mold damage, it is necessary to find the reason from the mold planning, production process and mold application. If foreign matter enters the mold, parts stacking, waste blockage and other conditions are not dealt with in real time, continue processing and manufacturing, it is very easy to damage the blanking plate, punch, lower template and guide post of the mold.

The main reasons that cause jams are: inaccurate and skewed mold orientation. Otherwise, the malpractice will be enlarged and the mold will be damaged. Mold deformation is formed. For example, the hardness and thickness of the square mold base and template are too small, and they are easily deformed by external force; mold orientation assembly is prohibited, and the positioning error of high and low molds is too bad. When processing metal stamping parts, the strength of the punch should be improved, and the guidance and protection of the unloading plate should be strengthened. Or the precision of the press is too poor, so that the strength of the die and the punch is not good, and the orientation of the size of the punch is too close, which makes the lateral force of the die unbalanced. In the stamping process, once the mold clamping is not vivid or even stuck, it is necessary to stop manufacturing immediately to find out the reason for the stuck mold and eliminate the drawbacks.

The price of stamping molds is high, and the cost of ordinary molds accounts for 1/4-1/5 of the total cost of stamping parts. The one-time correction price exceeds 70 of the original cost of the die, or the die life is approaching. When the mold repair skills are too complicated, the repair price is too high, and the difficulty is bound to make the repair cycle too long, which seriously affects the normal production of stamping parts, it should be screened out early and invalidated, and the mold should be re-made.

Generally speaking, after the mold is damaged, there is another question about repairing and invalidation. However, repairing the mold in real time to avoid mold damage can greatly reduce the price of stamping molds. When the tie parts of the mold are seriously damaged, accidentally the convex and concave molds are damaged all the way. This is due to the difficulty and high cost of mold making. The unnatural wear of the Stamping Die is invalid, such as the damage of non-linked parts.

Under normal conditions, the ineffective method of stamping die is excessive wear, and it needs to be re-made and delivered to the application. Therefore, real-time repair of molds to prevent mold damage can greatly reduce the price of stamping molds.

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