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How to solve the warp problem in injection molding

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Cause 1.
The part is too hot when ejected from the mold


  1. Lower the plastic mold temperature;
  2. Lower the melt plastic temperature;
  3. Prelong the mold open time.

Cause 2.
The melt plastic with low temperature


  1. Increase the plastic mold temperature;
  2. Increase the barrel temperature;

Cause 3.
The uneven wall thickness or uncommon profile


  1. Even mold temperature;
  2. Even the part wall thickness;

Cause 4.
Too much feeding


  1. Decrease the feeding;
  2. Decrease the injection pressure;

Cause 5.
More than 1 gate,and each gate with uneven filling


  1. limit the main gate filling near the main runner;

Cause 6.
Bad ejection system


  1. Improve and redesign the ejection system;

Cause 7.
Uneven mold temperature


  1. Make the plastic mold temperature even
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