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How to test the torque of a punch

How to test the torque of a punch

The motor of the punch press enters the working cavity of the loader through the oil inlet valve, and a torque is generated between the stator and the rotor. At this time, we need to test it. If you don’t test it, it will be bad if there is a difference in the process of use. The following is a detailed introduction to the specific methods that should be adopted.

  • 1. In the test of the open test bench, the motor of the punch press drives the torque sensor-drives the tested planetary transmission device-drives the torque sensor-drives the loader. For low-power planetary gear drives, magnetic powder brakes can be used for gradual loading during the test.
  • 2. Closed test bench test. The closed hydraulic loading test bench is characterized by the use of a loading device similar to a swing hydraulic motor structure. The “rotor” and “stator” of the loader rotate together with the 24V DC motor.
  • 3. The hydraulic dynamometer test is usually loaded with a hydraulic dynamometer. In order to stabilize the water volume, the water needs to be injected into the dynamometer from a water tank that always maintains a certain water level (constant pressure). The volume of the water tank is about 1m3, and its height should not Less than 2500mm.

The above are several test methods of the motor torque of the punch press, for reference only. During the test, it is good to find a professional person nearby. Compared with the traditional test method, it is simple, reliable and easy to operate.

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