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How to understand the large-scale sheet metal processing cabinet cooler?

How to understand the large-scale sheet metal processing cabinet cooler? The local overheating of the cabinet can be increased by installing a heat dissipation unit to increase the wind speed and flow; also by installing refrigeration equipment in the cabinet; or by increasing the air intake of the cold air at the inlet of the cabinet. The cabinet cooler solves the local overheating problem inside the cabinet.

After the compressed air flows through the vortex tube, it turns into two streams of cold and hot air. The hot air flow is discharged at a slightly higher pressure through the vortex tube exhaust device, and the cold air flow is introduced into the heating part in the case through the splitter, reducing and stabilizing the internal temperature of the case, and the outside air will not enter the case. With a low-cost, reliable scroll tube cooler as the core component, the panel cooler can reduce the temperature of the compressed air by 45 degrees.

The cold airflow is introduced into the heat generating part of the panel cabinet through the shunt and at the same time forms a positive pressure in the panel, preventing outside air from entering, effectively cooling and purifying the panel cabinet. Those small and compact multifunctional electronic control systems, variable speed drive systems, servo systems and programmable logic control systems are extremely sensitive to heat and pollution. Overheating causes these sensitive electronic and electrical components to fail, the digital display system misdisplays, the control system drifts, and the system malfunctions and stops when the load is lower than the rated load.

The result is a reduction in production efficiency due to frequent shutdowns of machines or production lines. Fans can only provide insufficient cooling effect, and often bring dirty, humid, and corrosive air into the cabinet, causing damage to electrical equipment. The air conditioner is large in size, difficult to install, requires frequent maintenance, and high operating costs. The vortex cooler has no loss of moving parts, and only uses an internal vortex tube to convert the compressed air into low-pressure, evenly distributed cold air in the panel.

The cold airflow forms a slight positive pressure in the cabinet, which can prevent the entry of dust or pollutants, and is especially suitable for harsh working environments. From small computer control cabinets, touch screen control panels to large electronic screen cabinets, eddy current coolers provide efficient and reliable enclosed protection that will not cause breakdowns due to heat and environmental pollution.

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